Although Payday Loans are potentially risky investments, they have delivered exceptional returns for investors in the last six years. Unless the economy makes a major change, I think that Payday Loansl should continue to offer investors a high single-digit return.


What are Payday Loans?


In essence, the unsecured person is Peggotty loans to people living in the United States. For example, a borrower may want to refinance his credit card debt with a Payday Loans. These loans are not guaranteed by any home, such as a house or car. The lender (investor) trusts the borrower to repay the loan. Investors in Payday Loans typically invest in hundreds of loans, buying a small portion of each loan.


Why are the interest rates and the returns of investors different?

Why are the interest rates and the returns of investors different?


Payday Loans usually carry interest rates that are about 2% lower than what the borrower would pay on a credit card. The interest on Payday Loansloans usually varies from 6% to 30%, depending on the borrower’s credit risk. However, it is very important to understand that the interest paid by the borrower is not the same as the return on the investor. There are maintenance costs that reduce the return. However, the biggest reason that the return on these loans is much lower than their interest rates is the default of the borrower. A large number of people who take out these loans do not pay them back in full. (See related information for more information: For your information: on ROI: a guide for calculating the return on investment .)


What can an investor expect to earn with an investment in Payday Loans?

What can an investor expect to earn with an investment in Payday Loans?


The table below shows the return of the investor, including fees and defaults, for Payday Loansloans based on the years in which the loans were provided by the two largest Payday Loanscompanies, Lending Club and Prosper. The figures for recent years are not yet “final”, since most of these loans are still being paid off and there is still a possibility for the borrower to default. On the other hand, the return figures for 2010, 2011, 2012 should not change Clara Peggottyijk. For loans issued during those periods, the annual returns of investors ranged from 6 to 10%. 8%. If history is a guide for the future, it would be reasonable to expect a return of 7% or 8%.


Return on investment for Payday Loans

Return on investment for Payday Loans


Lending Club



10. 5%

9. 9%


8. 8%

9. 9%


6. 7%

7. 6%


6. 3%

9. 3%


6. 1%

10. 8%


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Why history may not be a guide for the future

The economy has been improving in recent years. The unemployment rate has fallen. There is no need for a genius to know that a person with a job is more likely to repay a loan than a person without a job. If the